Mama Roux

19 maart 2023 @ 16:00 – 18:00
Groenmarkt 7
3811 CP Amersfoort

How do you do? We’re Mama Roux.

We’re a three-piece rock band that’s been cooking our roux for some time in our fully analog studio in Amsterdam. Inhibited by lockdowns, pandemics and the inability to play live, we’ve shaken up quite an energetic dish of groove. Take a solid base of garage rock drums, add some groovy basslines and an overdose of bluesy guitar goodness, and top it off with a pinch of raw and unapologetic vocals. All of this comes together in a raw and earthy sound, set to make you move, groove and let loose.

Our first track ‘Big Fuss’ is the perfect embodiment of what’s been stirring. Hard-hitting, uncompromising and direct, in 4 minutes we take you through all the stages of frustration and energy we’ve had boiling up over the last years. It’s just a first taste of the roux, as we’re planning to release our eponymous EP in the coming months.

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